Medical tourism or health tourism is the travel to a foreign country with the purpose of getting medical&health treatment. Medical tourism is recently favorable to take the advantage of a cost reductions of particular countries like Turkey.
Turkey is the second country in the world with the number of JCI accredited hospitals. Turkey is recognised as a competetive and high techonology healthcare destination providing service thousands of patients from Europe, Middle East and neighboring countries. High technology &modern hospitals, natural resources, skilled manpower, specialists in the field provides a unique service model in the healthcare industry. Turkey’s geographic location as being the brigde connecting Europe and Asia allows easy access and short flying times from all over the world. The cultural atmosphere in metropolitan Turkish cities provides a friendly, hospitable and safe travel for patients.
Hair Transplant, Dental Health, Bariatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Oncology and Neurology consists of %80 of all the branches which health tourists obtaining medical operations in Turkey.
Our management executives have a deep knowledge and experience on healthcare sector. We offer you prestigious and comfortable service with affordable price. All you need to do is to get in touch and tell us your inquiry, we will take care all of the arrangements. As the health tourism is so popular, every day a new organization come to life all over the world. Unfortunately some of these organizations might not have enough know-how in this field, for that reason we recommend you to trust only experts and not to fall for cheapest prices you will see particularly in hair transplant, dental health and plastic surgery operations.
In fact your journey starts at the time of your call to us. Depends to your inquiry, we will be requesting related clinical reports & details from you which will be shared by our expert doctors. Upon the examination, we will be enabling you with a schedule and aproximate cost of your treatment. We appreciate your considering for +/- 10 to 15% variation until you arrive and meet with our doctors.
All the hospitals we work are JCI accredited and serving in EU standards. For each branch, we choose the best hospital/clinic and expert. The commercial fame of the hospital is not important for us, we only prefer the ones which has a good references to guaranty you satisfaction. We guaranty you to satisfy with hygiene, modernity and use of technology in the hospitals/clinics we choose for you!
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