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About us

A wonderful holiday and our treatment packages are waiting for you.

Thanks to 10 years of experience, Hitit Clinic is considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy heath tourism centers in Turkey. Patients from multiple nationalities have had excellent experiences with us.
Our clinic provides patients with an all-inclusive and comfortable journey. We arrange accommodation, transportation, medical consultations, communication, and translation to help our patients get a comfortable and smooth experience.
Hitit Clinic offers several plastic procedures adopting the latest and newest medical approaches. We similarly perform cosmetic, dental, and hair transplant treatments with the hands of professional doctors and well-trained staff.
Therefore, we offer the most advanced professional expertise to our patients, along with the cutting edge technology approved and available in the field. We also carefully organize and follow the pre and post-operation experiences of our clients to ensure them a smooth operational and recovery period.
Our team engages in helping patients to get a pleasant stay in Turkey and get life-changing results.
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